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Professional, licensed speech therapists

An incredible team of licensed, accredited, and experienced speech therapists who will help you with a range of speech and language issues including post-stroke,  stuttering, . swallowing issues, communication disorders related to autism and more.  

You get the same quality you would expect from an in-office/clinic visit, but with the flexibility to conduct a session at home, when and where you need it and more affordably.

Get matched to the best speech therapist for your needs

Answer a few questions to be matched to a speech therapist that fits your needs. Get 100% licensed & professional expert.

Communicate easily with your speech therapist

Sessions are conveniently online. Meet with your therapist at the comfort of your home via your laptop, tablet or phone. 

Speech Therapy when you need it

Schedule a session at a time and place that's convenient for you. Conveniently available any time of the day, even on evenings, weekends and when your are traveling. 

"My father had a stroke and had difficulties swallowing. I can't thank Michelle enough for helping my father get back to his pre-stroke eating abilities.  He advanced quicker as he got his therapy from home which we found convenient. Thank you, Michelle "

Daniel K.,  son of Josh who had a stroke and swallowing difficulties. 

Frequently asked questions

4. Who's the therapist that will work with me?

Our speech therapiests are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited speech language pathologists (CCC-SLP).

All of them have a Masters Degree.

Your speech therapists was qualified and certified by your state's professional board after successfully completing their training and practice.

Once we review the information you submit on this site, we could assign you a therapist that is specilizing in your need.

6. Is online speech therapy right for me?

According to Psychology Today research, online therapy has the following benefits:

  • Higher Efficiency & Flexibility
  • Better results due to improved Timeliness and Compliance
  • Accessibility to more Qualified Therapists
  • Cost savings
Online speech therapy provides an effective, conveniently and more affordable speech therapy.

7. How's online therapy compared to historical in-person therapy?

Online speech therapy has been shown to be just-as or more effective speech therapy. It can be more approprate for you as scheduling is easier & sessions are avaiable at more convenient times (evening & weekend). This decreases missed sessions and progress is made faster. Speech therapy for seniors who might have a difficult time getting to sessions also provides access to care they wouldn't otherwise get. In addtion, people with anxiety or sensory issues are oftentimes more relaxed and focused with online instruction provided in the comfort of their own home. Online speech therapy also allows those with difficulty accessing quality services in their community to have a speech therapist available to them at home.

Online speech therapy is also great for families that don't want to wait for a speech therapist to become available. At Speech Therapy that Works we have a Parent Coaching program where parents learn to use strategies to improve their child's communication while working with a speech therapist online.

8. What kind of issues do you treat?

Our Speech Therapists serve clients from 12 months to 99 years who have difficulties with:

  • Language (understanding and speaking)
  • Speech (articulation, phonology, Apraxia of Speech)
  • Social Skills/Communication (Connecting and relating to others; greetings, making friends, social interactions)
  • Fluency/stuttering
  • Literacy (reading and writing)
  • Voice (quality, loudness and awareness of voice use)
  • Feeding (fussy eaters, limited food choices, difficulty eating)
  • Cognitive impairment (aphasia after stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, memory loss)
We also help:
  • Parents learn strategies to help their toddlers with speech-language delay
  • Caregivers for people with aphasia or dementia learn communication strategies to use with their loved ones

1. How does therapy work?

It’s simple and convenient. We provide you with speech therapy online. You schedule a convenient weekly session with your assigned therapist. Once scheduled, your therapist will provide you with a link to join your weekly online video session. Sessions are just like a Zoom or Skype video call.

2. How much does it cost?

The cost is just $59 /session (30 minute long).
Compare it to historical in-person therapy that costs ~$110 for the same session (86% more expensive)

P.S. Your therapist might recommend a longer session (e.g., 45 or 60 minutes) based on your needs and then the cost is prorated.

3. How many sessions will I need?

This depends on many factors such as severity of the issue, age of the client and more. Your therapist will be able to provide additional details regarding your exact situation.

Minor issues may require 2-3 sessions and severe issues might require 12+ sessions.

5. How soon can I start?

Fast. Once you submit your 1st session payment we’ll assign a speech therapist to you. They will contact you to schedule your session. Most of our clients start therapy within 2 days.

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