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An incredible team of licensed, accredited, and experienced speech therapists who will help you with a range of speech and language issues including post-stroke,  stuttering, . swallowing issues, communication disorders related to autism and more.  

You get the same quality you would expect from an in-office/clinic visit, but with the flexibility to conduct a session at home, when and where you need it and more affordably.

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Sessions are conveniently online. Meet with your therapist at the comfort of your home via your laptop, tablet or phone. 

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Schedule a session at a time and place that's convenient for you. Conveniently available any time of the day, even on evenings, weekends and when your are traveling. 

"My father had a stroke and had difficulties swallowing. I can't thank Michelle enough for helping my father get back to his pre-stroke eating abilities.  He advanced quicker as he got his therapy from home which we found convenient. Thank you, Michelle "

Daniel K.,  son of Josh who had a stroke and swallowing difficulties.