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Welcome to Better Speech! 

My name is Mary, a licensed Speech Therapist and I'm here to help you get your evaluation booked and get your questions answered

1. What happens next?

Once you click "Book Evaluation" at the bottom of this page, I'll match you to a licensed speech therapist experienced in your needs that will do your evaluation. Then you'll be able to select a convenient time on her calendar for your evaluation - how amazingly convenient... 


1. Payment 

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2. You're matched with a therapist & select a time for your session

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3. Your evaluation conducted online 

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2. How much does the evaluation cost?

A standard evaluation costs only $125.  A formal evaluation costs $199.  What is the difference?  When you book a formal evaluation, you will get a detailed written report that you can provide to your doctor or other health or legal professionals when necessary, as well as keep for your personal records.

More info: For the standard evaluation, you will have approximately a 45-minute session with our speech-language pathologist, and then they will write a quick, informal summary of their findings, which you can view in your member dashboard.  This cost is 40% lower than the typical $225 you pay for in-clinic evaluations. 

For the formal evaluation, you will have a 45-60 minute evaluation with our speech-language pathologist, and then they will write a detailed report with very specific findings that you can find in your member dashboard.  These findings and calculations can be utilized to compare with future re-evaluations that may be conducted by Better Speech or other speech-language pathologists.

You get the same quality evaluation with convenient scheduling and having it at the comfort of your home.

3. Who will be the speech therapist?

After payment you'll be hand matched with an experienced, licensed and certified speech therapist.  You'll get an email with their name, bio and expertise. You can change your therapist if you want. 

"Thanks to Angela our therapist, my daughter's speech improved so much.  She finally speaks to us in complete sentences. Sarah LOVES Angela and working online made scheduling sessions so easy to fit into our busy life."

Melissa K., Mom to 4 year old late talker

Little girl open mouth weird speech therapy

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