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Speech Therapy

For Home Health

The Problem


SLPs are in short supply nationwide - it's hard to find, hire and keep good SLPs

Because ST is not required for every patient it might not justify hiring full-time SLPs as they'll be underutilized.

In-house SLP costs you, in average, ~$200 per session (with benefits)  

SLPs are hard to find and expensive

The Solution

Access to a pool of qualified and licensed SLPs without needing to commit to hire them and pay salary + benefits?

Cost you 40% LESS than your current alternative? 

Service just for the ST hours you need to provide? 

No require minimum hours/long term commitment? 

You can save money and have a flexible ST solution 


Better Speech is the largest telehealth speech therapy in the U.S. with 100+ speech language pathologists. 

We are HiPAA compliant, cover all 50 states and are available to provide speech therapy for your patients anytime (including evenings and weekends) in the comfort of their home.

proves that speech teletherapy for Seniors is as affective as face-to-face therapy. We provide a flexible solution that saves you 42% on your cost of providing ST. 

Better Speech has facilitated thousands of HIPAA-compliant ST sessions to provide patients with the help they need.  Our team includes 100+ ASHA and State Licensed & Certified therapists. 



Services Provided For The Following Conditions:

  • Post stroke

  • Memory loss, Dementia, Parkinson's

  • Stuttering/disfluency

  • Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Dysarthria and more


Benefits for Home Health organizations: 

  • Reduce your cost per ST session by 42% ! 

  • Reduce overhead - No need to hire in-house
    SLPs (hard to find, recruit & expensive)

  • Add ST to your menu of services

  • Accept new patients needing ST

  • Improve your profitability


Selected Clients

Our Shining Testimonials


"Exceptional service... great therapists and so convenient. No brainer!"

How Does It Work? 

We made it simple, so on this site you can get set-up and start referring your patients within 5 minutes from now, with zero bureaucracy. You can start saving on ST today! 

Just follow the simple steps below:   

  1. 5 Minutes Set up:  fill your info & approve our service agreement 

  2. Referral:  Submit patient contact details using our online intake form

  3. Matching: We match immediately a licensed SLP specializing in the patient's needs

  4. Scheduling: We'll send you or the patient a calendar link to select a convenient time

  5. Speech Therapy :  Conducted via Zoom (HiPPA compliant) 

  6. Session Notes: Accessible online & ready for your Medicare/Insurance submission 

  7. Savings: You charge Medicare/Insurance rate, we bill only $59/session

Summary: Easy, Flexible, Increases Profit


I'm interested. What's next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

4. Who are the therapist that will provide ST to my patients?

All of our therapist are State licensed and ASHA c ertified & accredited speech language pathologists (CCC-SLP) with Masters Degree.
Our SLPs have 5-20 years of expereince and are qualified and certified by your state's professional board after successfully completing their training and practice.

Based on the intake information, we'll assign to your patient an SLP that is specialized in their needs.

We'll send you their credentials and bio and if after the session you or the patient prefers to work with another SLP, we can replace them, no questions asked.

6. How's Better Speech's therapy compared with in-house SLP?

It will significantly increase your profit on providing ST as in-house ST costs `$120/session while our service costs only $59/session.

In additon, you get the same quality of care. According to Psychology Today research, online therapy is similar in quality of care and has the additional benefits:

  • Cost savings - Save 42% (instead of $120/session you pay only $59/session)
  • Higher Efficiency & Flexibility
  • Better results due to improved Timeliness and Compliance
  • Accessibility to more Qualified Therapists
Seniors prefer it as scheduling is easier & sessions are available at more convenient times (also evenings & weekends) times that in-house SLPs don't provide services.
Seniors can progress faster as it is easier to follow the therapy plan in a shorter time frame. Seniors with anxiety or sensory issues are oftentimes more relaxed and focused at the comfort of their home, at thier own time by themselves without strangers.

Better Speech's therapy provides effective, convenient and more affordable speech therapy which is suitable for the majority of Seniors needing speech therapy.

8. What clinical issues do you treat?

Our speech therapists have expereince working with Seniors who have difficulties with:

  • Difficulties Post stroke
  • Memory loss, Dementia, Parkinson's
  • Stuttering/disfluency
  • Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Dysarthria
  • and more...
If your pateint problme is not listed above please ask us. Within our network of hundreds of expereinced SLPs we can find the expert to help.

2. How does Better Speech therapy work?

It’s simple and convenient.

You get ST only when you need it for your patients, so you don't need to hire in-house SLPs or can use Better Speech to handle a portion of your case load.

Once you list on our platfrom you can refer us patients using our intake form (see HERE)

We'll match your patient with the best speech therapist that is an expert for their needs.

The SLP will reach out to you or a patient caregiver to schedule a convenient time and will provide a Zoom link to join an online video session.

The SLP will fill complete notes for each session which you can access on our HIPPA secured system so you can file an insurance/medicare claim.
We will bill you at the end of the month for the sessions conducated at a rate of $59/session.
Simple, convenient, affordable.

3. How much can I save by using Better Speech?

You are probably paying ~$125 per ST session you provide to your patients. Why? becuase adding the cost of in-house SLP plus the cost of benefits and ongoing training adds up to $125-$200/ session (depends how utilized your SLPs are).

Our service is significantly more affrodable and costs only $59 /session so for every 100 hours of ST you need to provide you will save $80,000 a year by switching to Better Speech.

Some of our clients have save $430,000 a year by contracting with Better Speech.

Why spend more on ST when you can deliver the same care for less?

5. Can I start referring patients to reduce my cost on ST?

Yes, you can start refering us patients immedietly and your patients can start getting ST from Better Speech as early as tomorrow! (no waiting weeks to find and recruit in-house SLP).

Once you send a referral using the intake form we'll immediately assign your patient a speech therapist that is an expert in thier needs. You or the patient could schedule a session, directly into the SLP calendar.

7. Do my patients need special technology?

No, they don't.

Many Seniors now have at home either a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone that they use to communicate with their family members.

Their device's already has a built-in browser and a webcam that can be used for a Zoom call with our Better Speech therapists.

They'll be sent a link that they just need to click on to start the Zoom speech therapy sesssion, it's easy.

We have clients that are 92 years old conducting regular speech sessions by themselves, if they can, most seniors can :-)

1. Can I charge Insurance for telehealth services?

Yes, you can.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) allows speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to provide telehealth services to Medicare Part B (outpatient) beneficiaries (see here)

Due to COVID-19 regulations, you can now use telehealth for start-of-care, evaluation and ongoing speech therpay and Medicare and Medicade are accepting these codes.

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