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How Does It Work?

Online speech therapy is simple, convenient and effective. 

With Better Speech, you get matched with the best speech therapist for your specific needs, whether it’s for yourself, your child, or someone you love with speech and language difficulties. Our therapists provide life-changing treatment for a wide range of people, helping children whose speech is slow to develop, older people whose ability to communicate has been impaired by illness or injury, or those who want to overcome stammering or improve autism/social interaction difficulties. 

Once a session is scheduled, your therapist will provide a link to join your online video appointment. Online speech therapy sessions are just like a Zoom or Skype video call, so you can get the professionalism of speech therapy at home. And at only $59 per online speech therapy session, it’s a much more affordable way to receive support from a friendly and qualified speech pathologist

Your speech therapist online, whenever you need them


Through Better Speech, sessions are all conveniently held online, so you can get speech therapy support  via your laptop, tablet, or phone. Meet with your speech therapist from the comfort of your couch, at a time that works for you.

Our speech therapists are available any time of day, even evenings, and weekends, so you won’t need to worry about trying to schedule a session around your working day, and there’s no more wasted time getting to and from your appointment.

How to find speech therapy near me


To get started, fill out a short survey for an adult or a child about your needs. We will use your answers to match you to the most suitable speech therapist. We have a hand-packed pool of licensed speech therapists located across America to support families in different time zones. This makes it easy to schedule speech therapy at a time that best suits you.

Get matched to the best online speech therapist
for your needs

Answer a few questions to be matched to the best speech therapist that is expert in your needs. Get 100% licensed & professional speech expert.

Communicate easily with your speech therapist

Sessions are conveniently online. Meet with your therapist at the comfort of your home via your laptop, tablet or phone. 

Online Speech Therapy when you need it

Schedule a session at a time and place that's convenient for you. Available any time of the week, even on evenings, weekends or when you are traveling so you can continue to progress. 

I need online speech therapy for:

The most experienced online speech therapists 

103 licensed speech therapist ready to help

17,823  online speech therapy sessions

Over 5,670 families got help

Professional, licensed speech therapists

An incredible team of licensed, accredited, and experienced speech therapists who will help you with a range of speech and language issues including speech delay for toddlers, stuttering, communication disorders related to autism and more.  

You get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office visit, but with the flexibility to conduct a session when and where you want and a more affordably.

"The online sessions and games worked better for Josh than his meetings with our previous therapist in person. Honestly it was easier for me too. Thanks for helping him progress so fast"

Elisa I., Mom to 3 Year old with Language Delay

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