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My name is Amanda, I'm a licensed Speech Therapist.


I'm here to help you get answers to your questions and start your path to a better speech.

1. What happens next?

Once membership starts, I'll match you with a licensed speech therapist experienced in your needs. On the next webpage you'll be able to select a convenient time  to start therapy this week  - how amazingly convenient... 


1. Payment 

2. You're matched with a therapist &
      Select a time for your session

3. You begin speech therapy  &
     Improve speech 

2. How much does it cost?
Just $59 (30 min session). Don't overpay for other providers who charge $110 for the same session. With us you get the same quality therapy with greater convenience, flexibility and a more affordable price.

3. Who will be my speech therapist?

On the next page you'll be matched with an experienced, licensed and certified speech therapist.  You'll get an email with their name, bio and areas of expertise. You can ask to change your therapist anytime, it's not a problem.  

4. Can I use insurance?

We are an out of network provider. We can provide you an itemized superbill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. That said, we don't recommend using insurance for speech therapy as it can turn out more expensive than our program. How come?  with insurance, you 'll need to pay co-pay of ~$30 per session and because insurance therapists are highly overworked and, many times, lack the specialty you need, it will result in more sessions which adds up to higher cost than Better Speech. 

We provide service to many clients who've discovered that using insurance did not work for them and now see great results with Better Speech.

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"Thanks to Angela our therapist, my daughter's speech improved so much.  She finally speaks to us in complete sentences. Sarah LOVES Angela and working online made scheduling sessions so easy to fit into our busy life."

Melissa K., Mom to 4 year old late talker

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