Make a New Year's Time Capsule for Some Speech & Language Fun at Home

Updated: Jan 27

A special way to celebrate the New Year and to keep track of what is happening in your child's life over the coming year, is with a time capsule. Not only is a time capsule great way to later remember what happened in your child's life, it’s a fun project to work on together.

Here are some ideas for how to make a time capsule out of items you have lying around the house while targeting your child's speech and language goals.

Make Your Time Capsule:

An indoor time capsule can be made out of a box (wood or shoe box), plastic Tupperware container, an old tin cookie container or even a glass mason jar. You can hide all of these in the house (kitchen or your child's room) or someplace where no one will find it like the attic or basement. Write a note for where you put it so that you wont forget at the end of the year!

For an outdoor time capsule, get a weather-proof container such as an old coffee can. You can bury it in the garden or keep it in an outdoor garage.

Next, your child can decorate it with stickers, labels with their name and other things they write or draw. Glue these items on the outside or inside.

Then, along with your child, decide what you will be storing inside. Your child's time capsule can hold personal items such as a photo from the holidays that just ended, homework from the previous semester to remind them of how far they've gotten, goals they write out for the year and wishes written to them from family or friends.

Time capsules can also have a theme such as:

  • Newspaper articles and items from their birthday

  • Collections from how their favorite sports team did this year

  • Arts and crafts projects

  • Favorite recipes and foods

Speech and Language Skills to Target:

These types of activities are very flexible so you can ask your speech language pathologist to modify the activity or suggest how your child's speech goals can be worked into the activity.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Talk about the materials you are using to make the time capsule: glass, jar, box, sticker, marker, glitter, paper.

  2. Describe what you are putting inside or decorating: red paper, blue glitter, big photo, small toy.

  3. Talk about people in the family if you put photos inside: grandma, uncle, sister, dada.

  4. If the time capsule is for what happened in the past, use past tense verbs: went, swam, walked, played, ate.

  5. If the time capsule is about what will happen, talk about goals and planning things out. Use words that describe a sequence like: first, then, next, last.

  6. Take turns putting things in the time capsule for kids that are learning to take conversational turns.

These are just our suggestions but remember that all of these activities can be modified to your child's goals. Our Better Speech SLPs can help you make the modifications needed to help your child practice at home.

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