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Choose the Right Speech Therapy Toys for Your Toddler

Choosing what type of toys to give your child can be a tough decision. But when it comes to speech therapy toys, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. In this blog, we got you! We will be giving you a few tips on how to choose the right toys to help with the speech development of your toddler.

In this article we will discuss:

Play is important for speech and language development

speech therapy toys

Play helps children learn to communicate with others and understand the world around them. If your child is having trouble communicating, you may want to consider adding some speech therapy toys to their playtime. But how do you know which ones are right for your child?

Play is essential to a child’s development, and the right toys can help your toddler make progress in their speech and language development. Toys are important for children of all ages, but they are especially important for toddlers. That’s because toddlers are at a crucial stage in their development when it comes to speech and language. Toys give them a chance to practice the skills they are learning and to make progress in their development.

Choosing the right speech therapy toys

If you have a toddler who is struggling with speech or language delays, then it’s important to choose the right toys to help with speech development. But how do you know which toys are right for your child? If you’re looking for speech therapy toys for your toddler, it’s important to choose ones that are both fun and effective.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your selection:

1. Look for toys that encourage vocalization.

Toys that make noise are great for getting toddlers to start using their voices. Look for options that allow your child to press a button or pull a string to make a sound. This will help them understand the cause and effect of their actions while also providing them with an outlet for self-expression.

2. Choose toys that promote movement.

Toddlers are full of energy and love to move around. Toys that encourage physical activity are ideal for toddler speech therapy as they help to build gross motor skills and improve coordination. Look for options like balls, hula hoops, and jump ropes.

best speech therapy toys

3. Select toys that encourage social interaction.

Speech therapy is an excellent opportunity for toddlers to practice their social skills. Choose toys that require cooperation and communication, such as puzzles or board games. This will help your child learn how to take turns, share, and follow rules.

4. Avoid screen time.

With all the temptations of television and tablets, it’s important to limit your child’s screen time during speech therapy. Screens can be distracting and prevent your child from focusing on the task at hand. Instead, opt for toys that engage the senses and encourage imagination, such as dolls, puppets, and building blocks.

5. Consider your child’s interests.

When selecting speech therapy toys, it’s important to choose ones that your child will actually enjoy playing with. Pay attention to their interests and look for toys that cater to them. This will help keep them engaged and motivated during therapy sessions.

Speech therapy can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your toddler. With the right toys, it can also be an effective way to encourage vocalization, movement, social interaction, and imagination.

By following the tips above, you can choose the best toys to help with your child's speech and language goals.

5 Speech therapy toys recommended by speech therapists

If you’re looking for speech therapy toys to help with speech and general child development, here are five great options to consider:

toys that help with speech development

1. Stackable blocks

Blocks are classic toy that offers endless opportunities for play. They can be used to build towers, houses, or even people. This helps children develop fine motor skills and learn about spatial relationships.

Using stackable blocks can also help children practice their vocabulary and learn new words. For example, they can learn the names of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

During speech therapy, blocks can be used to work on a variety of goals, such as turn-taking, following directions, and vocabulary development.

2. Shape sorters

Shape sorters are a great way to teach toddlers about shapes and colors. They also help with problem-solving skills as children figure out how to fit the pieces into the correct slots.

Shape sorters can also teach children how to take turns. If they are playing with another child, they will need to take turns in order to share the toy. This speech therapy toy can also be used to work on following directions such as, “Put the blue triangle in the slot.”

3. Pop-up books

Pop-up books are a great way to teach toddlers about cause and effect. They also help with hand-eye coordination as children learn to control the movement of the book.

In general, books are a great way to encourage language development. Pop-up books are especially beneficial as they often contain repetitive words and phrases. This helps children learn new vocabulary and practice their listening skills.

During speech therapy, pop-up books can be used to work on a variety of goals, such as vocabulary development and joint attention.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles are a great way to encourage movement and exploration. Children can chase the bubbles around and pop them with their hands. This is also a great opportunity for social interaction as children can take turns blowing the bubbles.

In addition, bubbles can help with fine motor skills as children learn to control their movements.

During speech therapy, bubbles can be used to work on a variety of goals, such as gross motor skills and prerequisite language skills.

5. Floor piano or any musical instruments

A floor piano is a great way to encourage vocalization. Children can press the keys to make music and sound effects. This helps them understand cause and effect while also having fun.

Speech therapy toys are an important tool in helping toddlers develop speech and language skills. By choosing toys that are both fun and educational, you can help your child reach their full potential.

Games for speech therapy

Now that we learned about some of the best speech therapy toys, let’s take a look at some games for speech therapy that you can also do at home.

1. Simon Says

This game is a great way to practice following directions. It also helps with listening skills and attention span. Start by saying, “Simon says touch your nose.” The child will then touch their nose. If you say, “Touch your nose,” without saying “Simon says,” the child should not touch their nose.

You can make the game more challenging by adding in multiple commands, such as “Simon says touch your nose and then clap your hands.”

2. I Spy

This is one of the games for speech therapy that you can do at home. It helps with vocabulary development as children learn new words to describe the objects they see. It also encourages observation skills. To play, one person will choose an object and say, “I spy with my little eye something that is green.” The other person will then have to guess what the object is.

3. Red Light, Green Light

This game helps with gross motor skills as children learn to stop and start moving on cue. It also helps with following directions. To play, have the child stand at one end of the room. Then, say “green light” and encourage the child to move forward. Once they get close to the other end of the room, say “red light” and have them stop. If they don’t stop, they can start over from the beginning.

speech therapy toys for toddlers

4. Animal Sounds

This is one of the games for speech therapy that you can also do at home. This game helps with vocabulary development and understanding different concepts, such as loud and soft. It also encourages imitation skills. To play, make different animal sounds and have the child imitate you. You can start with simple animals, such as a dog or cat, and then move on to more difficult animals, such as an elephant or lion.

5. Pretend Play

This game helps with imagination and creativity. It also encourages language development as children learn new words to describe their actions. To play, choose a theme, such as a grocery store or a doctor’s office. Then, have the child act out different scenarios using props and toys.

Speech therapy games are a great way to help toddlers develop speech and language skills. By playing games that are both fun and educational, you can help your child reach their full potential. At Better Speech, we offer online speech therapy services convenient for you and tailored to your child's individual needs. Our services are affordable and effective - get Better Speech now.


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