Top 10 Strategies to Help a Late Talker

Updated: May 17

July 25, 2018

Do you have a 2 or 3 year old toddler who is not talking? How do speech therapists get children to start talking?

Late talkers are children who are about 18-30 months of age with normal receptive language (ability to understand) but don't talk or use many words as compared with other toddlers their age. They are also children who are developing just fine in other areas such as cognitive abilities, play skills and gross/fine motor skills

Children should be adding new words into their vocabulary on a regular basis. But how many words should a child your age be using? Again, there is normative data that tells tells us approximately how many words a child should have in their vocabulary based on age. If your child is far off from these numbers, they might require speech therapy.

Child's Age / Approximate Number of Words

12 months / 2-6 words 15 months / 10 words 18 months / 50 words 24 months (2 years) / 200-300 words 30 months / 450 words 36 months (3 years) / 1,000 words 42 months / 1,200 words 48 months (4 years) / 1,600 words

Based on the information above, or on the language development chart available to download, if you think your child might be delayed in his or her language, there is a lot you can do at home. In fact, early intervention speech therapy is based on the idea that the best intervention for toddlers is in their home.

In this post I'm going to cut to the chase. I'm providing you with a resource to use at home that gives you all of the strategies speech therapists use to encourage your child to use language. These are my top speech therapy 10 strategies use at home to encourage your child to talk.

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