Forms & Files You Need

These are all of the forms you or your clients might need while at Better Speech. Please review the descriptions carefully to determine which is the appropriate form to use. 

Change of Session Frequency: Every client start with 4 30-minute sessions per 4-week (28 day) period. If they agree to more/less, please complete this form once you get client approval (via email) for your change.

Pause/Cancel Services: When a client wants to pause/cancel speech services (not to be used for temporary changes such as time off and vacations; not to be used when graduating from speech therapy).

Graduation from Speech Therapy: Your client should complete this form when you have decided together that they achieved all of their goals. 

Evaluation Report Header: A very simple header for evaluation reports. Completed reports should be sent to the client and uploaded to Upload Client Paperwork folder below. 

Authorization for Exchange of Information: Please upload completed forms below using the Upload Client Paperwork folder below. 

Upload Client Paperwork Folder: Upload completed evaluations, exchange of information forms etc.

Leaving Better Speech Survey:  Are you leaving us? We are sad to see you go but would appreciate your comments using this form. 

Jonathan Lopes