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Speech Therapy Near Me

Speech therapy near me 

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is used when a child or an adult has speech or language problems that limits their ability to communicate with their surrounding.  An initial assessment of the patient’s speech and language competence, performed by a Speech-Language Pathologist is performed over a 30-45 minutes to determine the problem and devise a plan to improve the identified speech issues. 

Speech therapy helps children conquer their speech issues through practice and repetition, giving them the confidence to carry on normal conversations in everyday life, school and work. 

Where Should I Get Speech Therapy?

 Historically, patients got speech therapy in dedicated Speech Clinics which charge typically $150-$225 per session, and requires commute to a physical location during business hours. Nowadays, the majority of patients prefer to get online speech therapy as it is more affordable at ~ $60 per session and more convenient (can be done at home and also outside of standard business hours) 

List of Speech Therapists Near You: 

How Does Speech Therapy Help Children?

Speech therapy for toddlers can be thought of as intensive speech and language practice, tailored to the specific speech disorder that your child has. The treatment for your child will depend heavily on the condition, but all treatments have two things in common: repetition and home practice. It takes practice to overcome each speech disorder, and constant repetition will be key to developing the proper speech habits in toddlers and kids alike. 

Children speech therapy treatments include one-on-one sessions that focus on forming commonly mispronounced, interjected, or blocked sounds and words, which will address your child’s speech disorder directly. It is also a great idea to practice the methods taught by the SLP with your child in your spare time, as the more time spent addressing what you and your speech therapist are working on, the more likely your kid will be to overcome the disorder.  Some of the online providers have a speech practice library that you can access and do practices between session. 

In the long-term, overcoming a speech disorder can lead to less feelings of embarrassment and frustration, as well as a greater sense of confidence within your kid. Communicating with peers will be much easier, and can have a positive impact on both their personal and professional lives, preparing them for better performance at school and at their career.

How Does Speech Therapy Help Adults?

Speech therapy for adults is beneficial for a wide variety of indications. Many adults begin speech therapy for the first time after dealing with stuttering or poor language comprehension for their whole lives.

The human brain is amazing at adapting and figuring out new things, and that ability never disappears—It’s not too late to learn strategies for stronger communication.

Adults can also benefit from speech therapy when an injury or illness changes their brain. You can rebuild communication skills if you’ve experienced the following: Stroke, Cancer that damaged the vocal cords, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Dementia, Traumatic brain injury.

Why Choose Better Speech?

With over 250+ online speech therapists ready to help you, your parent or your child, there is no waiting needed to get started. We are the "speech therapists near me" as we are in your computer or phone and can deliver you the speech therapy you need from the comfort of your home at your convenient time. No need to stand in traffic to get to a clinic .

Our speech therapist is ready to provide you or your child with their first speech therapy session this week, without a waitlist and we have the most experienced and compassionate team in the industry with an average of ~10 year of experience. 


Better Speech speech therapists have delivered thousands of online speech therapy sessions for children and adults and get a 4.7 rating (out of 5) from our satisfied customers.

If you are looking for speech therapy near me, you found it with Better Speech!

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