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Our speech therapists are all CCC-SLP credentialed nationally by ASHA and State licensed and certified, with ~10 years of experience and a Master's degree. We cover every state in the USA. We offer speech therapy services for kids and  adults.

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Why Is Online Speech Therapy Better?

The chart above helps to demonstrate why many find online speech therapy from Better Speech to be a better solution than traveling to in-clinic speech therapy. With the convenience of scheduling, and availability, most find that they are able to get an appointment right away. With the affordability of our online practice, most find the cost to be about half of the cost of in-clinic speech therapy. And, in some cases, we’ve heard that the ability to be together through the session has been very helpful for parents to continue to work with their children who need speech therapy between sessions. 


Parent Coaching for parents of very young children, and one-on-one interactive speech-language therapy for toddlers is just as effective as in-clinic speech therapy. But most find it more convenient, comfortable, and accessible, too!

Better Speech provides FREE speech therapy to underprivileged children in developing countries such as Rwanda, Indonesia & Vietnam where speech therapy is inaccessible.
When you join, we donate therapy for a child in need.

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What is Online Speech Therapy?

Our speech language pathologists are certified, highly trained, and, in our opinion, the best at what they do. Whether working with young children for speech and language delays, adults for professional or articulation speech therapy, or with those who have lost their ability to speak or eat, our SLPs can help.


When you have a speech therapy session from Better Speech, it takes place virtually, via an online link using Zoom. You connect live and one-on-one with a speech language pathologist for your online speech therapy sessions. And because we use an online connection, you can be comfortable in your own home during the session.

Speech Therapy for Young Children

Even very young children can begin to show signs that they might need a little more assistance with their language development. We have many ways to work with parents, along with their young children, to begin as early as possible if there are signs of potential speech problems.


Tailoring the therapy session to your young child is something that we focus on. Like the girl who loves Harry Potter so much that her sessions were built around those stories. Or the choice of over a thousand interactive games our team can include into a therapy session with your child. 


Speech and language therapy for children creates lifelong benefits. With Better Speech, online speech language therapy services are more affordable, accessible, and available than many in-person options. 


Want to learn more? Check out our FAQs, or chat with one of our consultation experts now, just click below: 

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Benefits of Better Speech

Affordable - 50% lower than in-clinic

Flexible - available evenings & weekends

Convenient - at home, on any device

Affordable - 50% lower than in-clinic

Flexible - available evenings & weekends

Convenient - at home, on any device

Affordable - 50% lower than in-clinic

Flexible - available evenings & weekends

Convenient - at home, on any device