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Mother and child speech therapy

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The 3 Best Tactics You Can Use At Home to Improve Your Child's Speech! 

  1. The best way to encourage your child’s language development is during regular everyday activities. In the bath, around the dinner table and getting ready for bed are all great opportunities to improve language skills. As a speech therapist, we like to imitate those everyday activities either with the child or while playing with toys, in order to create opportunities to work on functional vocabulary that can be used right away.


  1. Use combination of the Speech Strategies below. For example, you might put a favorite toy out of reach which causes your child to point to what she wants. Then to try to get your child to say the name of the object, you may model the name of the item or give your child a choice between two toys.


  1. Provide professional speech therapy. The fastest improvements will be achieved when a professional, experienced licensed therapist can treat your child and customize a therapy plan for their needs. Online speech therapy is an affordable and easy way to get all the benefits of speech therapy in an affordable manner as low as $59. You can get on a path for a better speech – Sign up for BetterSpeech

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