The Better Speech Program

The proven program for Adults and Kids to reach speech goals.

Better Speech creates a customized program just for you

When you join Better Speech, your therapist will listen to your speech, evaluate your needs and create your customized program to achieve your goals in the most effective and enjoyable way!

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1. Your First Session Sets You on the Path

Your first session is about getting acquainted with your speech therapist, evaluating your needs, setting up your goals, and understanding what motivates you or your child.  Our Adult program usually have different goals, milestones and motivational quotes to get you to the finish line.  Our customized Child program will incorporate parent coaching  milestones, between session practices and fun badges that will incentivize your little one to progress faster.  

Our Child Program: 


Our Adult Program: 

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2. Regular Zoom Sessions Keep You Progressing 

Your online sessions will usually be weekly, and may include:

  • Interactive Games

  • One-on-One Interaction

  • Printable Practice Exercises

  • Progress Reports

  • Parent Coaching (when needed)

3. Practices Between Sessions Help You Accelerate

After each session, you will receive a link to exercises, to achieve faster results. Age-appropriate, engaging, and customized to your needs, based on your progress.

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4. Your Success Chart Maps Your Journey

As part of the program, you’ll receive a Success Chart that allows you to follow your progress.

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Badges Celebrate Your Achievements

Every time you reach another 10% progress toward your speech goal, you’ll receive a badge that would be added to your Member Dashboard. Young ones can print and add it to their Success Chart for extra motivation.

You can see your progress toward achieving your speech goal, and get specific rewards along the way. 


Improvement Badge

for a Child and for Adult. 

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5. Tracking Your Progress On Your Member Dashboard

Throughout your journey, you can follow your progress on your Success Chart. But you also have access to your online Member Dashboard. This is where you will see session notes after each session, and get monthly progress report to monitor your and your your little one progress. 

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6. Celebrate Reaching Your Speech Goal!

When you reach 100% of your speech goal, you’ll get your final badge, plus a printable Certificate of Achievement, signed by our Clinical Director, and with a place for you to sign, as a parent or coach. After all, completing the Better Speech program is a shared achievement that we want to celebrate!


Better Speech Follow-Up Program

Speech is a lifelong gift, one that needs to be maintained. After you reach your speech goal, you'll have the option to get follow-ups and refresher sessions, and other appropriate practice materials, to keep up and maintain your progress.

The Proven and Effective Solution to Improving Your Speech

Join the Better Speech program to achieve faster results in a fun, engaging and affordable way. 
It worked for thousands, and it will work for you!