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"Simply amazing to work with! Melissa is a fantastic therapists who truly knows not only her stuff, but how to efficiently and effectively teach it. That’s very hard to come by. She provides you with the exact tools you need to be successful. Very happy we found her."
-Elisa I. 

"My dad recently had a stroke and now has some speech challenges to overcome. My sisters and I hired Michelle to not only work with him but also with us. She has been fantastic, she has given my sisters and I the tools we need to help our dad practice his speech therapy daily.  I would highly recommend her to anyone out there that is searching for a great speech therapist. Michelle is professional, flexible and very sweet." 
- Chels. C. 

"Our therapist at BetterSpeech has been better than we could have hoped for.  She helped our son through a significant speech delay quicker than we could have hoped. He's now talking a mile a minute.  We are now having a new therapist work with our 2.5-year-old son. Our boys warmed up to her immediately.  They even came to the boys preschool to coordinate a time to do sessions at school! We couldn't be happier."
- Justin R. 

"For our toddler, we worked with a great speech therapist. He enjoyed having sessions with Jessica. She's very play-oriented yet still infused lessons within the play. She would come to the house with toys. The kids loved that. She's also very friendly and professional. She'd offer me tips at the end of sessions and in emails, too. I highly recommend Better Speech for your toddlers!"
-Gigi K.

"BetterSpeech is excellent to work with!  Very accommodating for busy schedules and driving long distances.   They were very detailed in the reports and I really appreciated the homework assignments given to my son to work on during the week.  I believe the assignments helped him.  Lastly, I also appreciated their use of technology for times when we couldn't make the drive from Hollister to San Jose.  Thank you!"
- Melissa C.

"Our therapist Katie took great care of my daughter during speech therapy.  She had well thought out goals and we reached every milestone.  My daughter's speech improved so much in past year.  Katie also gave me detailed feedback after each session, so that I always knew about progress and what we need to work on. I am happy I found BetterSpeech and Katie."
-Janine L. 

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