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Welcome to the Speech Practice Library

Affordable Speech Practices at Home

 - Just $14.97/m

Our practices and exercises for Adults and Children, were developed by professional speech therapists after testing with thousands of clients what works best to quickly advance speech skills. 

What's In the Library? 

100+ of the best exercises that you can do at home using the same cutting edge tools we use during speech therapy sessions with our clients, now available to you directly!

We add new practices every week in the form of: 

  • Interactive Games - Play while you learn 

  • Reading Materials - Presentations and other textual materials

  • Videos - Watch and follow the instructions

Watch a Virtual Tour of the Practice Library:

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Interactive Game Example:

Reading Material Example:

Video Example:

Shuts and Ladders game
Better Speech logo

Shoots and Ladders: You pronounce the right word and move up

Better Speech

You say the food on your plates to advance to the next page

A comprehension practice using Beaches as subject 

Who Is It For? 

The Practice Library is designed for you if you are either: 

1. A parent with a child that has speech issues and needs improvements

2. An adult (or their helper) that has a speech impediment and want to improve your speech capabilities

parent coaching
senior man in speech therapy

How Do I Use It? 

It's easy. Just signup and select from the dropdown the type of speech problem you have. You'll see a list of recommended practices. Each practice has clear instructions on how to perform the practice so you can do it on your own, at the comfort of your home and on your convenient time - how amazing!   

For example, if you want to improve how to articulate certain words - just select Articulation.  You will see a list of our recommend articulation practices. Just click on the practice format you like the most - play a game, watch a video or read, and start improving your speech. 

It's really easy and straightforward - anyone can use the library and improve! 


The Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Speech Practices

We understand that speech therapy can be expensive.  So we provide these exercises and games in order to you improve speech!  If you'll use them properly you can be: 

Fully understood by anyone, removing the day-to-day frustration 

Increase performance - at school, home or work

Fit with peers and sound more intelligent

best online speech therapy

Of course,  we encourage to seek assistance from a speech therapist to get an individualized assessment and program.  We can help you with that, if you like!

As the leading online speech therapy service, we have helped thousands of clients like you to transform their lives, giving our program a 4.7 out of 5 stars! So you are in good hands....

Mom Customer

"My daughter's language improved so much using the practices we did at home.  She can speak to us in complete sentences. And working in our own pace made it so easy for our family." - Melissa K., (Mom to 5 year old late talker)

5 stars review Practice Library

So How Does it Work? 

Improve your speech with over 100 exercises you can use daily at home 

You can use any of our practice exercises, videos and material at any time. These are the same tools we use with our clients!

All at the comfort of your home....instead of the hassle of traveling to an appointment at a clinic, waiting, then commuting in traffic back...


Practice at your on pace and improve speech and language skills in the comfort of your home at your convenient time!

adults getting speech therapy online
online speech therapy for children

Get it now for an affordable price of at just $225 $14.97/m

In-person speech clinics can charge you up to $225 per session, so our practice library is a bargain and a great way for you to get familiar with speech therapy and do it yourself in your own pace. 
The benefits will transform your life and are invaluable.

For just a fraction of what speech clinics charge for a single session, our Practice Library is open 24/7. 

Senior female

"Thanks to the practices i was able to improve my pronunciations after stroke and now have my voice fully restored. Thanks so, so much"​ - Abigail K

5 stars review Practice Library

I'm ready to start, what happens next?

Click “get started” for full access right now.  You'll be able to login to the library, selecting the practices you want and start improving your speech immediately. 


Start anywhere in the library and use the exercises as often as you want!

1. Join 


2. Access practice library &
     Begin to Improve speech 

aphasia therapy online
best online speech therapy

"The online practices and games worked better for Kate than her meetings with our previous therapist in person. Honestly it was easier for me too. Thanks for helping her progress so fast." - Elisa K, (Mom to 4 y/o with Language Delay)

5 stars review Practice Library
Access our entire library developed by professionals – anytime, anywhere, and at your convenience - Just $14.97/m

"Johana loved the games so much that instead of it being a chore (and to be honest, to me too) it was actually fun, and she improved her lisp a lot"  Dana, H 

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"The best material i found for speech therapy"  James, A

5 stars review Practice Library
5 stars review Practice Library

Start Improving Your Speech 

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