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Speech Therapy

For Children

The Problem


1 out of 8 of your patients need Speech Therapy*.

On average, ~2 of your patients every day needs to be referred to speech evaluation and therapy. 


But, when you recommend it, 84% of parents don't follow through to start therapy for their child*. 

Why? Because finding a speech clinic is time consuming, takes 3-4 weeks to get started and it is very expensive ($110-$150 per session).

You, their pediatrician have little visibility into their speech progress because the clinic doesn't share the child's progress with you. 

You need a reliable speech therapy provider that you can refer patients to and can report back to you the progress of your patient.

The Solution

A speech therapy service that is easy to join so 100% of your patients can get the therapy they need. 

Access to a pool of experienced and licensed SLPs including experts in your patient's diagnosis, that can evaluate and treat your patient. 

Therapy that can be done at the comfort of your patient's home when the child is available (including evenings & weekends) so compliance increases. 

Therapy that is in-network for your patients to make it affordable. 


Service that will report you the progress of your patient towards their speech goal.  

You'll get 100% compliance and stay in the know of your patient's progress. 

Get Your Patients The Best Quality Care


Better Speech is the largest telehealth speech therapy in the U.S. with 100+ speech language pathologists. 

We are HiPAA compliant, cover all 50 states and are available to provide speech therapy for your patients anytime (including evenings and weekends) in the comfort of their home

Research shows that speech teletherapy for children is as affective as face-to-face therapy. For many children it is even more appropriate as we utilize gamification during the Zoom sessions that kids love so our session are more engaging and the children progress faster.

Better Speech has treated thousands of children and helped them achieve their speech and communication goals with a parents review of 4.7 stars (see below testimonials) 

We are in-network for the 95% of insurance carriers, so your patients can use their insurance to get speech therapy.


Services Provided For The Following Conditions:

  • Toddler/child speech disorder

  • Speech delay 

  • Stuttering/disfluency

  • Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech

  • Lisp and more

The Benefit to Refer to Better Speech: 

  • Better quality of care - shorter time to achieve goals

  • Stay informed - Get report of progress towards goal 

  • In-network - and more affordable by 50% if paid

  • Immediate booking - means that your patient
                                   actually gets the therapy they need

Better speech - Speech Therapy

Our Shining Testimonials



"Exceptional service... great therapists and so convenient!"

How Does It Work? 
How Can I
 Refer A Patient?

We made it simple, so you can refer a patient in 30 seconds and get a child's life improved forever.  

Just follow the simple steps below:   

  1. Referral:  Submit patient's parent contact info in the short form below. 

  2. Contact: We'll reach out to the parent and help them join and get matched                                immediately with a licensed therapist 

  3. Scheduling: The parent will select a convenient time on the therapist calendar 

  4. Speech Therapy:  Conducted via Zoom (HIPPA compliant) 

  5. Progress report: Monthly progress report sent to you and the parent.

Summary: Easy, Flexible, Best Care

Referral Form:

Submit this and the parent will receive an invite and reminder to join with 25% discount. You will be notified when the child start therapy and on their progress.

Physician Email: 

Parent Email: 

Child name:  

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Pediatricians Frequently Asked Questions

4. Who are the therapist that will provide ST to my patients?

All of our therapist are State licensed and ASHA c ertified & accredited speech language pathologists (CCC-SLP) with Masters Degree.
Our SLPs have 5-20 years of expereince and are qualified and certified by your state's professional board after successfully completing their training and practice.

Based on the intake information, we'll assign to your patient an SLP that is specialized in their needs.

We'll send the parent their credentials and bio and if they prefer to work with another SLP, we can replace them, no questions asked.

6. How's Better Speech's therapy compared to a local speech clinic?

While the quality of care is exactly the same betwen in-clinic and speech telehealth (as proven by several researchers - see below), a local speech clinic usually charge $110-$150 per session while Better Speech session only cost $59/session (a 42% savings for your patient).

In additon, the Better Speech service has the additional benefits:

  • Higher Efficiency & Flexibility
  • Better results due to improved Timeliness and Compliance
  • Accessibility to more Qualified Therapists
  • Children can progress faster online as it is more engaging for them and with digital gamification it is easier to follow the therapy plan in a shorter time frame.
Better Speech's therapy provides effective, convenient and more affordable speech therapy which is suitable for the majority of children needing speech therapy.

According to Psychology Today research, online therapy is similar in quality of care

8. What clinical issues do you treat?

Our speech therapists have expereince working with children age 2-18 who have difficulties with:

  • Toddler/child speech disorder
  • Speech delay
  • Stuttering/disfluency
  • Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech
  • Lisp
  • and more...
If your pateint problme is not listed above please ask us. Within our network of hundreds of expereinced SLPs we can find the expert to help.

2. How does the Better Speech therapy work?

It’s simple and convenient.

Once you make the referral w'll reach out to the parent with a link to join the service.

We'll match your patient with the best speech therapist that is an expert for their needs and the parent would schedule a convenient time on the therpaist calendar (including evenings and weekend).

The calender invite will include a Zoom link to join a weekly online video session.

The SLP will fill complete notes for each session which you'll get a summary monthly report using our HIPPA compliant secured system.
The parent is charged the co-pay (if using insurance) or a rate of $59/session if paying privately.
Simple, convenient, affordable.

3. How much the parent save by using Better Speech?

Better Speech is significantly more affrodable than traditionial in-clinic therpay (which cost $110-$150 per session). Our service costs just co-pay if the parent uses insurance or $59 /session if paying privately.

Why spend more on speech therpay when you can deliver the same care for less? our leading telehealth searvice enables us to lower the cost for your patients.

5. Can I start referring patients that need speech therpay?

Yes, you can start refering us patients immedietly and your patients can start therpay as early as tomorrow! (no waiting weeks to get an appointment with the local clinic).

Once you send a referral using the intake form we'll immediately assign your patient a speech therapist that is an expert in their needs. The parent could schedule a session, directly into the SLP calendar.

7. Do my patients need special technology?

No, they don't.

Many homes have either a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone that children already use to communicate with family members using Zoom calls.

These devices already have a built-in browser and a webcam that can be used for a Zoom call with a Better Speech therapist.

The parent will get a link that they just need to click on to start the Zoom speech therapy sesssion, it's easy.

1. Can my patient use Insurance for Better Speech services?

Yes, they can.

For 95% of insurance carrier we are in-network and for the rest we can provide your patient a Superbill to get reimbursed.

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