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Better Speech Reviews 

Carolyn S.

“There is no downside to doing this therapy online - 100%, it has been more effective than our in-person therapy was. I would have tried this option first!”

Elisa I.

"Simply amazing to work with! Melissa is a fantastic therapist who truly knows not only her stuff, but how to efficiently and effectively teach it. That’s very hard to come by. She provides you with the exact tools you need to be successful. Very happy we found her through Better Speech."

Chels. C.

"My dad recently had a stroke and now has some speech challenges to overcome. My sisters and worked with Susan to not only work with him but also with us. She has been fantastic, she has given my sisters and I the tools we need to help our dad practice his speech therapy daily. I would highly recommend her and Better Speech to anyone out there that is searching for a great speech therapist. It was a professional, flexible and efficient service."

Justin R.

"Our therapist at Better Speech has been better than we could have hoped for. She helped our son through a significant speech delay quicker than we could have hoped. He's now talking a mile a minute. We couldn't be happier."

Carolyn S.

“I noticed my pre-teen son’s lisp returning around the time he wanted to be into debate and theatre. I tried Better Speech and we both liked it so much, I also enrolled my youngest son. They both have had so much improvement so quickly, it was better than the in-person option we used and no more expensive.“

Gigi K

"For our toddler, we worked with Barbara, a great speech therapist. He enjoyed having sessions her. She's very play-oriented and she taught us to play with our son to help him with his language. Barbara was also very friendly and professional. She'd offer me tips at the end of our online sessions and would send them by email too. I highly recommend Better Speech for your toddlers!"

Melissa C.

"Working with Better Speech was an excellent experience! Very accommodating for busy schedules and not having to drive long distances. They were very detailed in the instructions they gave us to work with our daughter and I really appreciated the homework assignments to help our progress. I appreciated being able to have sessions online since travel these days and with more kids is just too difficult. Thank you!"

Janine L.

"Our therapist Katie took great care of my daughter during speech therapy. She had well thought out goals and we reached every milestone. My daughter's speech improved so much in past year. Katie also gave me detailed feedback after each session, so that I always knew about progress and what we need to work on. I am happy I found Better Speech and Katie."

Paula H

“Lynda has been wonderful and therapy via Zoom has been so beneficial... the platform you’ve created is exceptional!! “

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"Exceptional service... great therapists and so convenient!"

We are passionate about helping all people communicate at their best. Better Speech is a convenient and affordable online speech therapy for children and adults.

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