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Some do Good,
we want to do Great!

Our mission is to help all people communicate at their best, so that their voices are heard. That means ALL people, especially the ones who do not have access to quality speech therapy or cannot afford it. 

Therefore, Better Speech has created Speech for Good (TM). We provide FREE speech therapy to underprivileged children in developing countries were speech therapy might be inaccessible such as Indonesia, Colombia etc.


For each new member, we donate therapy for a child in need.

Helping Children in Rwanda and in Indonesia 

Speech For Good Rowanda
Speech therapy

About Speech for Good 

One of Better Speech's core values is Make a Positive Impact in the World by giving back to the community. We give back to the community and people-in-need. 

As such, our speech therapists are donating their time on a regular basis to help an underprivileged child have a better life.  It can be a child with Cleft Pallet, delayed speech or any other speech impediment that can benefit from quality speech therapy.

The ability to communicate is essential. For a child with a cleft pallet, delayed speech, stutter, lisp, or other speech impediment to communication, their prospects can be limited. ​But with Speech for Good we can help bring speech therapy to that child who can benefit from quality speech therapy.


Better Speech has teamed up with several non-profit organizations in several underserved countries, to provide online (or in-person) speech therapy to children in need in their local communities, such as Indonesia, Colombia, Rwanda, and others.


If you are a member of a non-profit organization that would like to join Speech for Good, or get more information, please email us at:


From all of us at Better Speech, who are grateful for the opportunity we have to give back, we thank you.

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