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Welcome to Better Speech

What happens next? 

A licensed therapist, expert in your need, will be matched to you.

You choose a convenient time on their calendar and schedule your session.

You meet with your therapist - the speech therapy begins! 

How do I talk with my therapist? 

You schedule a weekly live Zoom session of 30 minutes with your therapist.

Can I speak with my therapist first?

You can speak with your therapist once you are matched. You can switch therapists anytime, if needed.  

How much will it cost? 

With Better Speech you can have professional therapy for only $65 per week. We are the most affordable provider available, as traditional in-office therapy can cost $150-$225 for a single session. Your membership includes access to unlimited speech practices, weekly live session, as well as, weekly progress report.
If you can't afford therapy, you may be eligible to receive our financial aid -
click here to apply.

How long will I use the service? 

As long as you need. You can easily cancel your membership at any time on your online Dashboard.

Can I use my Insurance or FSA/HSA card? 

You can use your FSA/HSA or your Insurance.  We'll provide you an itemized bill that you can submit to your carrier for full reimbursement. We also accept medicare advantage patients. 


How Do We Compare to Others?

In-Person Therapy

Availability: Long waitlist

Up to 4 months to start therapy

Price: $225/ session

Office rent increase your cost

Convenience: Must commute

Offered only during business hours - no evenings/weekends

Improvement: Slower

Speech practices between sessions typically not included


Early intervention is key, you can start as early at tomorrow

Availability: No Waitlist 

The most affordable. Use insurance, FSA/HSA, Medicare Advantage

Price: Just $65/week

Convenience: From Home

On your schedule - any day including evenings and weekends

Improvement: Fast

Unlimited speech practices between sessions for faster results

Select the plan that’s right for you 

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We LOVED our therapist Sarah and think she was just amazing. She was so patient and helped make our son feel super comfortable and confident. Highly highly recommend her

Review for: Sarah Burton

Better Speech (2).png

Alexa was phenomenal. She made practicing speech fun. I was nervous as an adult coming into therapy but she made me feel so confident.

Alexa Santori Headshot.jpg

Review for: Alexa Santori

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