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Hi, welcome to Better Speech!

Thanks for telling us your preferences!

As we pair you with a therapist, please read the following guide and begin your membership.

What is the therapy process?

You indicated that you have never had therapy before, here is some information that might be helpful as you get ready to begin

What happens next, when I join below? 

A licensed therapist, expert in your need, was matched to you.
You choose a convenient time on their online calendar and schedule your session.
You meet with your therapist - the speech therapy begins! 

How do I talk with my therapist? 

You schedule a weekly live Zoom session of 30 minutes with your therapist.

Who will be my therapist?

Based on your preferences we paired you with a therapist who is expert in your speech need. We have 150+ therapists, so If needed, you can switch a therapist with no charge. 

Click here to see your therapist.

How much will it cost? 

With Better Speech you can have professional therapy for only $69⁹⁵ per week. Unlike traditional in-office therapy, which can cost $150-$225 per session, your Better Speech membership includes a weekly live session, access to unlimited speech practices between sessions, as well as, weekly progress report.

If you can't afford therapy, you may be eligible to receive our financial aid - click here to apply.

How long will I use the service? 

As long as you need. You can manage your membership or cancel anytime from your account settings.

Can I use Insurance or my FSA/HSA card? 

Yes. You can use your FSA/HSA or your Medical Insurance (we'll provide you a receipt with itemized services that you forward to your insurance for reimbursement). We also accept Medicare Advantage patients. 

Better Speech vs. in-office therapy

Better Speech



better speech

Equally effective as in-person therapy according to academic research.

Unlimited Practice

info better speech

Get faster results with unlimited speech practices between sessions.

Immediate Availability

info better speech

Early intervention is key. Avoid waitlist - start as early at tomorrow.


better speech

No need to commute in traffic or wait in waitrooms. Get therapy from home on your your phone or computer.

Easy Scheduling

better speech

Pick a time that works for you - any day including evenings and weekends


better speech

The most affordable option.

You can use insurance, FSA/HSA, Medicare Advantage

$69⁹⁵ /week*

Avg $150 per session**

* Membership is charged every 4 weeks
** Cost refers to private practice fees when not reimbursed by a third party

You indicated that speech therapy will significantly improve your life.

Indeed, life is too short to live with regrets, so don't delay & start today 😃

Cost: $90  $69⁹⁵ per week (charged every 4 weeks)

Includes a weekly live session and unlimited speech practices between sessions. No hidden fees, cancel anytime. 

Coupon applied: 50% off your initial session

Cost: $90 $35 off initial session, then $69.95 per week (charged every 4 weeks)
Charged: $360 $244.80

Enter payment information to start: 

Template Card


Visa card
credit card

( FSA/HSA cards accepted )

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