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Welcome to Better Speech! 

Thank you for sharing your speech needs. We look forward to helping your child with their  {issue}.

What happens next? 

  • A licensed therapist, expert in your need, will be matched to you.

  • You choose a convenient time on their calendar and schedule your session.

  • You meet with your therapist - the speech therapy begins! 

How do I talk with my therapist? 

You schedule a weekly live Zoom session of 30 minutes with your therapist.

Can I speak with my therapist first?

You are matched when you join the service and your first session is risk-free with 100% money back guarantee. We have 150 therapists, so if you didn't like your therapist, we'll assign another.

How much will it cost? 

With Better Speech you can have professional therapy for only $59 per week. Unlike traditional in-office therapy which can cost $150-$225 for a single session. Your membership includes access to unlimited speech practices, weekly live session, as well as, weekly progress report.
If you can't afford therapy, you may be eligible to receive financial aid - click here to apply

How long will I use the service? 

As long as you need. You can cancel your membership at any time by going to your Dashboard and click "Quit Therapy".

Can I use my Insurance or FSA/HSA card? 

You can use your FSA/HSA or your Insurance.  We'll provide you an itemized bill that you can submit to your carrier for full reimbursement. 

How do we compare to others? 


Traditional Therapy



$59 a week


Up to $225 per one session



Online, reschedule for free


May require a cancellation fee



From your home and on your schedule - any day including evenings and weekends


Typically offered only between 9AM-5PM & requires commute



Unlimited between sessions for faster results


Typically not included

Select the plan that’s right for you 

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Get 4 sessions

Billed every 4 weeks

Unlimited Access to Practice Library 

Monthly: $236



1 session

Billed weekly

Unlimited Access to Practice Library 

Weekly: $67

Congratulations! You qualify for financial aid

Your cost: $67 a week $47 a week (charged every 4 weeks)

Your card will be charged: $268 $188 (including 4 sessions and unlimited access to our practice library for faster results)

Your promotional discount applies to all payments until July 24, 2022




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