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Join Better Speech 

Create your own private practice with no doors and no overhead.

Join over 100 therapists making a living on BetterSpeech.

We provide the marketing, the technology and your additional income.

You provide the professionalism, clinical experience and care.

Why work with Better Speech?


Hundreds of clients sign up at BetterSpeech every day looking for an SLP.  We can help you fill your calendar.


Your BetterSpeech hours  are flexible. You can accept as many clients as you like and choose how many hours you want to work. You are in full control of your schedule.

Focus on Therapy

With BetterSpeech you can focus 100% on provide the best speech therapy and improving your client's communication. You do not need to worry about finding clients, billing, support or operations. We handle it all. 

Get $2,400 and Become HIPPA Compliant for Free

We'll upgrade your personal Zoom link to become HIPPA compliant - a perk worth $2,400 a year. You'll be able to use it Anytime, Anywhere. 

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Please use below an email account that will be used in all Better Speech communications (including with clients), it can not be changed later.

We are passionate about helping all people communicate at their best. Better Speech is a convenient and affordable online speech therapy for children and adults.

Sign up and get matched immediately with a licensed speech therapist. Start improving communication skills from the comfort of your home. Better Speech - for a better future.  

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Phone: 9am-7pm EST: 

‪(203) 896-7995‬

We Treat

Toddler/Child Speech Disorders

Adult Speech Disorders
​Language Disorder / Delay
Early Childhood Development
Speech Sound Disorders
Stuttering and Fluency
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Reading Readiness
Accent Modification
Speech Delay
Social Skills
Voice Disorders
Post Stroke