Better Speech Therapist of the Month - December 2020

We love our Better Speech Therapists! So we want to let the whole world know about them.

This month we are recognizing: Dr. Sheri Stein-Blum, CCC/SLP

Multi-State Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

What do you love about being a speech therapist?

I love being a speech-language pathologist because it is such an honor to play a role in a client's communication journey assisting them in becoming an effective communicator. Nothing is as rewarding as seeing someone become confident in their own voice!

Describe the most recent accomplishment with a client that you are particularly proud of.

My most recent accomplishment that I am particularly proud of is... hearing one of my client's speak their first words at our initial session!

What do you like about being a Better Speech SLP?

I enjoy being a Better Speech SLP as it allows me to have the ability to control my schedule around my personal needs. Working for Better Speech has also enabled me the flexibility to see a variety of clients (ages and diagnoses) and keep my mind at the top of my game.

Tell us something about yourself that is not well known.

When I am not a mother, wife, caregiver, and SLP, I enjoy going to events/shows and hosting parties as an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More and Scentsy!

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