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What to Expect During an Speech Evaluation and Therapy Session

Are you worried about whether your child has speech difficulties? You may want to address your concerns with a trip to a speech-language pathologist(SLP)! With that, you might have so many questions about what to expect during a speech evaluation and therapy session. No need to worry! We got it for you. Here is some information that can help you better understand the SLP evaluation, SLP session process, and how speech therapy works for you and your child.

In this article we will discuss:

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Why do Children need Speech Therapy?

Speech and language skills are integral to your child's development. These skills allow children to communicate their needs, share information, and express thoughts and ideas. When children have difficulty with speech and language, it can impede their ability to interact socially, perform well in school, and ultimately reach their full potential. This is why speech therapy is important! Speech Therapy can help children express their emotions and live a better life!

Children may need a speech therapy evaluation if they:

  1. Have difficulty imitating sounds.

  2. Appear to have difficulties comprehending new words.

  3. Struggle to communicate their wants and needs.

  4. Have difficulties responding to questions or directions.

  5. Struggle to start a conversation with peers and unfamiliar people.

  6. Make limited or poor sounds of quality.

  7. Is not producing words together by 18 months.

  8. Cannot be understood by strangers after 24 months.

  9. Do not speak in sentences by 3 years of age.

  10. Experiences communicative or cognitive changes after a surgery or injury.

If your child is having difficulty with any of these skills, it may be time to consult with a speech-language pathologist.

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What Happens During an Speech Evaluation?

During an SLP evaluation, the SLP will assess your child’s speech and language skills. This may involve observing your child’s production of sounds, words, and sentences. This also includes testing their understanding of spoken language. Additionally, an SLP will ask you questions about your child’s development and any concerns you may have. This includes your child's medical history, developmental history, and educational background.

It is also important to evaluate the child's learning environment. This includes who the child is with the most. Another factor includes who the child interacts may it be peers of family members.

What to do first?

First, you have to find a speech therapist near you. The good thing about Better Speech, we offer online speech therapy which means that you can get help from the comfort of your home. But, finding a local SLP is also an option. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has a Find a Professional tool that can help you search for speech therapists in your area. It is important to know your speech therapist’s credentials to make sure you are getting qualified help.

What Happens During an online SLP Evaluation?

Once you find a speech therapist, the next step is to schedule an SLP evaluation. During a speech evaluation, the therapist will assess your child’s speech and language skills holistically. This usually includes:

  1. Case history, including medical history and status, educational background, socioeconomic status, cultural heritage, linguistic backgrounds, and information from other service providers such as teachers and occupational therapists.

  2. Patient, client, student, and family interview

  3. Review of auditory, visual, motor, and cognitive status

  4. Standardized and/or non-standardized assessments of particular aspects of speech, spoken and non-spoken language, cognitive communication, and swallowing function, as well as observations and analysis of professional samples

  5. Identification of potential for effective intervention strategies and compensations

  6. Standardized measures for speech, language, cognitive-communication, and/or swallowing evaluation that is introduced according to documented ecological validity and cultural sensitivity

  7. Follow-up procedures to assess communication and swallowing status, as well as ensure that individuals with identified speech, language, cognitive-communication, and/or swallowing issues receive the appropriate treatment and support.

What Happens During an SLP session?

Based on the evaluation findings, the SLP will develop a treatment plan. Treatment plans will vary depending on your child’s needs. During the first SLP sessions, it is expected for your child to be slightly uncomfortable as they get used to the new surroundings and the therapist.

Together with different language and speech techniques, the therapist will work on activities that are designed to help your child improve their needs. Techniques such as verbal and nonverbal communication, sound production, voice projection, and articulation will be used during therapy.

Most SLP sessions will involve:

  1. Activities to help your child practice using their new skills. These activities may include language goals, speech goals, or swallowing goals that can target the specific needs of each patient.

  2. Games and other fun activities to keep your child engaged. Games, not only does it motivate children to learn, but it also serves as a mode of teaching new skills such as social rules and following instructions and rules.

  3. Parent education so you can support your child’s progress at home. Well, it is really important to teach parents how to incorporate his/her child’s current goals at home.

When will my child start seeing results?

The length of time for therapy will depend on the severity of your child’s speech disorder. Some children improve quickly and only need a few sessions while others may need long-term therapy. The therapist will work with you to determine how often your child should come in for therapy. Others may need one-hour sessions twice or thrice a week and others may just need 30 minutes once a week. It depends and varies from child to child.

Your child’s speech therapist will reassess your child’s progress and revise the treatment plan as needed. Some children may only need therapy for a short period of time, while others may need long-term support.

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How Speech therapy works

If you are wondering how speech therapy works, let’s talk about its benefits! Speech therapy helps individuals with speech disorders to improve their ability to produce sounds and improve their articulation skills. It also helps them become more aware of how the sounds are produced and how the mouth, teeth, tongue, and lips are used to make certain sounds.

Speech therapy may also help individuals with communication disorders such as difficulty understanding others (receptive language), difficulty expressing themselves (expressive language), or difficulty with social skills. Speech works also in individuals who have trouble swallowing (dysphagia).

Research shows how speech therapy works! It is highly effective in treating communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy can be provided in individual or group sessions. It can be provided in a clinic, hospital, school, or the individual’s home. Speech therapy may last for a few weeks or months, or it may be ongoing.

The Better Speech Program

At Better Speech, we provide online speech therapy that can be accessible to everyone anywhere! Let’s talk about what to expect during your session with us!

Speech rehabilitation may be expensive and time-consuming. A customized program just for you is what Better Speech provides. Your therapist will evaluate your child from the comforts of your home.

1. Your First SLP Session Sets You on the Path

During your first session, you will be acquainted with your speech therapist. He/She will evaluate your child just like an in-person evaluation. This will help the therapist understand what your child’s speech goals are. From there, a treatment plan will be put into place that is best suited for your child.

2. Regular SLP Zoom Sessions Keep You Progressing

Depending on how many sessions your child needs per week, weekly or bi-weekly sessions will be scheduled. During these sessions, your child will participate in different activities and games that are designed to help them with their speech goals. These activities will be based on your child’s age, interests, and abilities. It also includes:

  1. Interactive Games

  2. One-on-One Interaction

  3. Printable Practice Exercises

  4. Progress Reports

  5. Parent Coaching (when needed)

3. Practices Between Sessions Help You Accelerate

A session of speech therapy is not enough to stimulate your child’s speech and language development. Speech works better if you do more activities at home to maximize speech outcomes. With Better Speech, we will give you links for more exercises to achieve faster results.

4. Your Success Chart Maps Your Journey

To help you and your child track his/her progress, we will be providing a success chart. This allows you to follow your or your child’s progress. We even give a badge each time your child reaches another 10% toward their speech goal. This will help them stay motivated in their speech journey!

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5. Tracking Your Progress On Your Member Dashboard

At the end of each session, you may check on your progress using your Success Chart. You can also access your Member Dashboard, where you may see session notes and get monthly progress reports to monitor your or your children’s progress.

6. Celebrate Reaching Your Speech Goal!

When you reach 100% of your speech goal, you’ll get your final badge, plus a printable Certificate of Achievement, signed by our Clinical Director, and with a place for you to sign, as a parent or coach. After all, completing the Better Speech program is a shared achievement that we want to celebrate!

At Better Speech, we provide evidence-based and affordable speech therapy for every family. Our skilled therapists are

7. Better Speech Follow-Up Program

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to talk. After you’ve reached your speech goal, you’ll be given the opportunity to acquire follow-ups and refresher sessions, as well as other appropriate practice materials, to keep up and maintain your progress.

The Proven and Effective Solution to Improving Your Speech

Are you ready to get started on your speech journey? Join the Better Speech program to achieve faster results in a fun, engaging, and affordable way. At Better Speech, we offer online speech therapy services convenient for you and tailored to your child's individual needs. Our services are affordable and effective - get Better Speech now. Speech works for thousands, and it will work for you!


About the Author

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Mikee Larrazabal

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist with 14 years of experience working with children and adults who have communication difficulties. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science at Cebu Doctors' University and have been helping people overcome their communication challenges ever since.

I have worked with individuals of different ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, adults and seniors. I'm passionate about speech therapy and take great satisfaction in helping people overcome their communication challenges and improve their lives through better communication skills. In my spare time I like reading books, going hiking in nature and taking care of my dog Locas.



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by Patricia D. Myers

I'm not an English native speaker and I wanted to improve my speech. Better Speech onboarding process is AWESOME, I met with different people before being matched with an AMAZING Therapist, Christina. My assigned therapist created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and made all the sessions fun and helpful. Thanks to her, I received great feedback from my clients.

by John L. Wilson

Better Speech is a great program that is easy to use from home and anywhere online. Shannon was amazing at engaging our shy son - and building on their relationship each session! Her commitment to knowing him improved his confidence to speak and practice more. Truly appreciate her dedication. She cares for her clients.

by Christy O. King

Better Speech is an excellent opportunity to improve your speech in the convenience of your home with flexible scheduling options. Our therapist Miss Lynda was nothing short of amazing! We have greatly appreciated and enjoyed the time spent together in speech therapy. Her kind, engaging and entertaining spirit has been well received. She will surely be missed.

by Patricia W. Lopez

This service is so easy, i signed up, got a therapist and got to set up an appointment right away that worked with my schedule. so glad to see that services like speech therapy are finally catching up to the rest of the convenience age! therapy is great, i can't believe how many good tips, exercises and methods in just the first session. really recommend it!

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