Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

July 9, 2018

Early intervention services are usually provided between birth to the age of 3, although there are some state to state variations.

This age range is crucial for development of speech, language and social communication. So, if your child needs help, speech therapy early on is very important. On this page, I provide resources for toddlers and preschool kids who need help improving their speech, receptive or expressive language. 

Is your child a late talker?

Some of the most common early childhood communication difficulties such as speech sound difficulties and late talkers listed below. To read more about them and find resources to teach toddlers and preschool kids speech and language at home, look below.

If you suspect that your child might need help with their speech, language or social communication, contact your local early intervention office or consult a speech therapist.


Children who are not talking at a developmentally appropriate age (and have NOT been diagnosed with any other disorder that might impact language development) might be late talkers.  Click here to learn more about toddlers who are late talkers and find some resources and videos to help.

Top 10 Strategies to Help a Late Talker

The best way to encourage your toddler's language development is during regular everyday activities at home. In the bath, around the dinner table and getting ready for bed are all great opportunities to improve language skills.

Read more about speech therapists' top 10 speech therapy strategies to use with your toddler at home.

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