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Practice your speech therapy in between speech therapy sessions

In the Better Speech program, your online speech therapist will give you practice assignments. Here are some ways to make your speech therapy for kids or adults more productive.

In this article we will discuss:

Mom works with daughter to practice her speech therapy between sessions with her Better Speech therapist.

At-home techniques to practice speech therapy for your child at home

1. Create a home implementation packet: Home implementation packets are helpful to target speech and language goals outside of therapy. A packet can be constructed in the form of a book, binder, or even an electronic format. In this packet, you can separate each section by goals.

For example, place all of the language resources in section A, all of the articulation handouts in section B, and all of the phonological resources in section C. This can be done for many different speech and language concerns and can be catered to the student for their needs.

2. Resources from your speech therapist: The Better Speech Program can provide your child and family with ample resources that are catered to specific needs and goals that your child is working towards. In addition, you can work with your online speech-language therapist to obtain a specific set of resources as needed (i.e. vacation packets, bi-weekly homework, etc).

Use every opportunity to teach your child.

Speech therapy for child and adult

3. BoomCards / Online Resources: BoomCards is a great online resource for hands-on activities that your child can physically manipulate on their tablet or computer, with their finger or mouse. These activities are excellent for students of all ages and address all types of goals.

As parents, you can build a folder on BoomCards that is specifically designed for your child’s goals and needs. By doing this, you are providing your student with a specific set of activities that work best for them. Parents also have the opportunity and ability to monitor their child's performance through online data tracking.

a. All-inclusive learning is important for those of all diagnoses and concerns. The Spot Shop on BoomCards has great resources that include no-preparation-needed games that target everything from definitions, grammar, auditory memory, comprehension, inferencing, and so much more.

b. There are also great YouTube accounts targeted towards toddlers.

4. Success Charts: As a member of Better Speech, you will have a Success Chart to track progress. Each time you reach a new level of competency, you receive a badge to attach to the sheet.

5. Speech Corner: Set up a location in your home where you and your child can target speech therapy practice. This would be best as a location that is not related to playing, mealtime, or nap time (i.e. sofa, mat, dinner table, or bedroom). This location will be a great way to separate practice from play - although they both can be fun.

In addition, you can provide positive reinforcement (tactile or not) and have it be a place where your child is eager to come and practice more speech.

Kids enjoying a time in the park.

6. Time to Play Outside!: Many adults remember playing outside in their neighborhood after school while enjoying a cold apple juice box! Why not continue to integrate outside play and speech therapy for your kids? During playtime, you can work with your child on homework as well as speech goals. Here are some great articles on playtime practice:

Integrating speech therapy for kids into every day activities

When your little ones are back in school and learning, how can you encourage daily carryover and generalization of the things they’ve learned in speech therapy at school or in their online speech therapy for kids?

1. “Recasting” words with friends and family: When meeting new people and meeting familiar friends, it is important to ensure that similar speech and language productions are carried out. However, rather than correct a mispronunciation and/or error, it is better to “recast.” Recasting is an amazing way to show your child that you are listening to their speech production, while also reinforcing and reproducing the correct production. For example:

  1. If your child says to his friends “look at my tar!”, you can provide a recast similar to, “yes, James, show them your CAR”.

  2. Or for favorite items that may have colloquial names like “binky” for blanket. While those colloquial expressions are adorable, resist the urge to propagate and recast the correct name. You can always call it a ‘binky’ later!

2. Dinnertime: During mealtime, try to carry over your child’s speech therapy goals and casually target them during the conversation. For example, if the goals include ‘wh questions’ (such as who, what, where, when, why, etc), ask your child different wh-questions related to school, to which they would have to respond. For example:

  1. “What did you eat for lunch today at school?”

  2. “When did you get on the bus?”

  3. “Who is your math teacher?”

  4. “Where is your seat in the classroom?”

Resources for you and your child

At Better Speech, we know that you deserve ideas and therapy that works for you and your child. We have experts in your child’s needs and assign the right therapist; not just the therapist that happens to be in your area. We offer online speech therapy services convenient for you and tailored to your child's individual needs. Our services are affordable and effective - get Better Speech now.



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by Patricia D. Myers

I'm not an English native speaker and I wanted to improve my speech. Better Speech onboarding process is AWESOME, I met with different people before being matched with an AMAZING Therapist, Christina. My assigned therapist created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and made all the sessions fun and helpful. Thanks to her, I received great feedback from my clients.

by John L. Wilson

Better Speech is a great program that is easy to use from home and anywhere online. Shannon was amazing at engaging our shy son - and building on their relationship each session! Her commitment to knowing him improved his confidence to speak and practice more. Truly appreciate her dedication. She cares for her clients.

by Christy O. King

Better Speech is an excellent opportunity to improve your speech in the convenience of your home with flexible scheduling options. Our therapist Miss Lynda was nothing short of amazing! We have greatly appreciated and enjoyed the time spent together in speech therapy. Her kind, engaging and entertaining spirit has been well received. She will surely be missed.

by Patricia W. Lopez

This service is so easy, i signed up, got a therapist and got to set up an appointment right away that worked with my schedule. so glad to see that services like speech therapy are finally catching up to the rest of the convenience age! therapy is great, i can't believe how many good tips, exercises and methods in just the first session. really recommend it!

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