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The Problem

With more teams working remotely and operating on calls, it is more important to communicate clearly and be understood. 

You hire for a diverse and international workforce with different accents and english capabilities. 

Teams that have trouble understanding each other are inefficient and unproductive.

Individuals can feel undervalued and isolated when they can't express themselves clearly. 

Remote work is here to stay.  Empower your teams to communicate better. 

The Solution

Online speech coaching for professionals and teams.

Access to a pool of qualified and licensed Speech Therapists. 

Working together on speech helps break down barriers, opens dialogue, and facilitates confident workplace.

We provide a work-benefit, that is more than team-building, its skill-building.

Plug and Play - used as long as you need with no minimum hours/long term commitments 

Make your employees more productive by helping them communicate properly.



Better Speech is the largest speech therapy provider in the U.S. with 100+ speech & language therapists. 

We cover all 50 states and are available to provide speech coaching for your employees or your teams nearly anytime (including evenings and weekends) and from the comfort of their home or your office. 

Better Speech has facilitated thousands of HIPAA-compliant speech therapy sessions for adults to help improve communication. With 100+ ASHA and State Licensed & Certified therapists, we can work with teams of all sizes and in every time zone.


Services Provided: 

  • Accent reduction

  • Clarity and comprehension

  • Presentation and confidence

  • Voice projection 

  • Speak to lead

Benefits for Companies and Teams: 

  • Better team communication

  • Improved productivity and effectiveness

  • Improved confidence and leadership

  • Team-building activity with lifelong benefits

  • A great HR benefit for employees

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Our Shining Testimonials



"Exceptional service... great therapists and so convenient. No brainer!"

How Does It Work? 

We made it simple, so on this site you can get set-up and start booking speech coaching for your team within 5 minutes from now. You can start getting your teams more effective today! 

Just follow the simple steps below:   

  1. 5 Minute Set up:  fill your info & approve our service agreement

  2. Referral:  Submit employee contact details using our online intake form

  3. Matching: We match a licensed SLP specializing in your employee needs

  4. Scheduling: We'll send your employee/team lead a link to select a convenient time 

  5. Speech Coaching :  Conducted via Zoom or any system you use   

  6. Session Notes: You can track individual/team progress 

  7. Productivity gain: See how your business performance improves

Summary: Easy, Flexible, Increases Profits


I'm interested. What's next? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Who are the therapists that will work with my employees?

All of our therapist are ASHA c ertified & accredited speech language pathologists (CCC-SLP) with Masters Degree.
Our SLPs have ~10 years of experience and are qualified after successfully completing their training and practice in Accent Reduction and other Speech Improvement techniques.

Based on the intake information, we'll assign to your employees the SLP that is specialized in their needs.

We'll send you their credentials and bio and if after the first session your employee prefers to work with another SLP, we can replace them, no questions asked.

5. What work-related issues do you address?

Our speech therapists have expereince working with professionals who need:

  • Accent reduction
  • Improve Clarity and comprehension
  • Presentation and confidence
  • Stuttering/disfluency
  • Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech
  • Memory loss, Dementia, Parkinson's
  • Dysarthria and more
If you have a need that is not listed above please ask us. Within our network of hundreds of expereinced SLPs we can find the expert to help.

1. How does Better Speech coaching work?

IIt’s simple and convenient to get help to improve your teams’ communication, productivity and collaboration. Sign up your company and then refer employees or teams using our Referral Form.
We match them to the best speech coach for their needs.

The coach will reach out to them to schedule a convenient time, and will provide a Zoom link. Or, we can use your enterprise video conferencing service.

The coach will complete notes for each session which you can access to track the progress towards your goals.

Simple, convenient, affordable.

3. Can I start booking a session for my employees today?

Yes, you can start referring us employees immediately and your teams can start getting speech coaching from Better Speech as early as tomorrow! (no waiting weeks to find a local clinic).

Once you send a referral using the online inteake form we'll immediately assign your employee a speech therapist that is an expert in thier needs. The team lead or the employee could schedule a session, directly into the speech therpaist calendar.

4. Do my employees need a special technology for the session?

No, they don't.

As long as they have a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone that could joing the coaching session.

Their device's already has a built-in browser and a webcam that can be used for a Zoom call with our Better Speech therapists.

They'll be sent a link that they just need to click on to start the Zoom sesssion, it's easy :-)

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